Supplier Spotlight: Tribe

Welcome to our favourite blog feature: ‘Supplier Spotlight’ where we’ll be interviewing the creative and hardworking individuals that create the delicious snacks that find their way into our boxes.

Our friends over at Tribe create energy and recovery snacks that help you to train stronger. Using only the highest quality natural ingredients free from sugars and artificial preservatives, Tribe’s snacks are so good that we had to include them in our own boxes! Founded by three friends passionate about running, we caught up co-founder Rob to find out what their inspiration was for launching the brand and to hear more about exciting future plans for the innovative company.

Tell us more about Tribe!
Tribe is a new health and fitness brand. We make health snacks for runners and other active people which we sell via subscription box (the Tribe Pack) and have a London-based run club (Run Tribe). Each Tribe Pack contains five nutrient-rich snacks to support runners in training, a weekly mini journal with recipe ideas and training tips, and an invitation to all Tribe’s weekly running events, nutrition sessions and adventure talks.

How did it get started and what was the inspiration for launching the brand?
The three of us who set up Tribe – myself, Tom, and Guy – are old friends who love running. We set Tribe up following a 1000 mile run we did together across Eastern Europe in 2013. We made our own trail mixes to keep us going on the road and found we could get all the sustenance and nutrients we needed from unrefined, natural foods; these tasted better, were better for our bodies, and better for the mountain trails we loved running through. That journey inspired Tribe: we decided to make natural foods to prepare other runners for tough journeys.

Who are Tribe products designed for?
Our snacks are designed for all active people, from those who go to the gym, yogis, and cyclists to anyone training for an ultra marathon. They are designed to give the nutrients active people need for energy (before exercise) and recovery (after exercise). The Tribe Pack is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly of these snacks.

What has the response been like since your launch and have their been any unexpected surprises?
We’ve had a great reaction to the brand since we launched in July. There’s loads of positive energy and our London running community – Run Tribe is growing every week. Our weekly runs are a massive part of Tribe and we love getting our community of runners together twice a week. Our Tribe Packs are also rapidly growing with three new energy bars launched last month and a range of recovery bars in development.

What sets Tribe’s snacks apart from other health and fitness snack products on the market?
The basis idea is that active people can get the energy and nutrients they need from unrefined wholefoods, and natural foods are a better source of these than refined ones. Much of the sports nutrition market is filled with heavily refined and sugary snacks and drinks, which we always disliked.

All Tribe foods are free from sulphites, refined sugars and juice concentrates. We work hard to source the best ingredients and use a mix of nutritionally powerful natural foods to deliver what active people need.

Our Packs are also a not just snacks but come with weekly training tips, advice and recipes making it a complete box of nutrition together with a weekly wellness guide.

If you could possibly pick, do you have a favourite product/mix from your range?
Our new cacao & almond bar is def a favourite!

We love featuring your high-energy trail mixes in our boxes! If our subscribers want to stock up on these, where can they get their hands on some?
To subscribe to one of our Tribe Packs just visit our website, where you can subscribe to get your first Tribe Pack for £1 with code PRIMALTRIBE.

Also we’d love to see you at our events, come join us! We have loads going on this month and are teaming up with some great brands so check them out here.

What does a typical day look like at Tribe HQ?
Everyday is different! From packing boxes, mapping runs, meeting other great health and fitness brands, developing new products to the infamous weekly Friday Tribe Picnic, it’s very busy but all great fun.

What are your plans for Tribe in for the next year?
We’ve got loads in the pipeline. There are new products (we’re working on our recovery bars at the moment), we’ve just introduced personalised Tribe Packs, and are soon to introduce bespoke training plans. Get involved!

If you’d like to know more about Tribe and keep up-to-date with their latest news, you can do so by visiting their website here and following them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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