Welcome to our favourite blog feature: ‘Supplier Spotlight’ where we’ll be interviewing the creative and hardworking individuals that create the delicious snacks that find their way into our boxes.

The October Barrecore Box, features the rather delicious ‘Maca Munchies’ by London-based company Raw Gorilla. Founded by Fraser and Agnes, Raw Gorilla have created an incredible range of sprouted snacks and breakfast products made with organic superfoods. We caught up with Fraser and Agnes to find out what their inspiration was for launching the brand and to hear more about their exciting future plans for their innovative company!

Tell us more about Raw Gorilla and your brand-new range of delicious grain-free cereals and snacks!
In the Raw Gorilla range you will find delicious activated paleo superfood breakfasts (called Raw Gorilla Crispies) These are made using organic sprouted buckwheat seeds, raw nuts, coconut chips and superfoods in a yummy raw vegan “creamy” sauce. We also have two paleo snacks, Raw Gorilla Munchies, raw, sprouted on the go superfood seed & nut cookies, which perk you up any time! No added sugar or salt, just fruits, nuts & seeds. Pretty darn delicious!

How did it get started and what was the inspiration for launching the brand? 
It all started at Fraser’s kitchen in Hackney (RG Founder). He really liked Coco Pops and Rice Crispies as a kid, but noticed that the sugar spike and dairy combo left him feeling wired and uncomfortable. Fraser wanted to create a breakfast which was healthy, delicious and energising, and yet which had the chocolately crispiness of Coco Pops/ even making the milk turn chocolately, and he did it. Buckwheat is so light, crispy and fluffy if you sprout it! So the crispies were born in his kitchen ☺ We are both crazy about whole foods, coconuts, seeds and nuts. We wanted to incorporate as many of them in our products as possible. Nothing processed here, just the good stuff.

Who are Raw Gorilla products designed for? 
Raw Gorilla products are available for everybody. All our products are plant based, free from gluten, wheat, grain and dairy. Whether you are following a plant based lifestyle or eat like a cave man, our Munchies and Crispies will make it onto your shopping list. Kids love them too!

What has the response been like since your launch?
The response has been overwhelming. We did not except such a wonderful response. We had a lot of support from Wholefoods Market and Planet organic as well as on top UK health sites such as Content Beauty, Hip & healthy, The Health Blogger Community & most recently Deliciously Ella. Of course let us not forget you guys at Primal Snack box, the first box to snap us up! You guys rock!

Unexpected surprises? Fair to say we had MANY unexpected surprises during our launch and it is to be expected. It has been a learning curve and we have learnt a great deal. We still do every single day. One nice surprise was that we sold out in the first 2 weeks!

What sets Raw Gorilla’s products apart from others on the market right now? 
There is nothing similar on the market right now. We were the first brand to launch a range that ticked all the boxes: Truly Raw dehydrated below 42*C, very low in natural sweetness, low calorie, source of protein, vegan, Paleo, Sprouted, Gluten Free breakfast and snacks range. Our Crispies are still unique and unmatched in Europe and possibly the world, certainly in taste. We wanted to bring sprouted buckwheat to the forefront as a great grain alternative. We also love activated nuts and seeds. These nuggets are bursting with nutrition and they are incredibly good for you. We also spent a lot of time on design. We wanted to create a fresh funky looking brand, which was fun and yet healthy, naughty but good for you. We wanted Raw Gorilla boxes to jump out at you! Finally we also wanted self-folding boxes, so no glue required during our packaging process and our packaging is fully recyclable which is important.

If you could possibly pick, do you have a favourite product from your range?
This is a good question. Fraser is going for the Raw Cacao Crispies and I love the Maca & Cinnamon Munchies, can’t stop eating them and he is always telling me off!

What’s your favourite way to eat your Crispies?
Fraser opts for cold almond milk and chopped banana and I like to nibble on them or sprinkle on top of coconut yoghurt.

We love featuring your Munchies in our boxes! If our subscribers want to stock up on these, where can they get their hands on some?
They are available in Selfridges, Partridges, all Planet Organic Stores, As Nature Intended and many more independent health food stores. Also we are happy to announce that from January 2016 they will available in Wholefoods Market as well. Our website has a cool stockists and online shop section with all the stores listed.

What does a typical day look like at Raw Gorilla HQ?
We are based in Hackney, we both love the area, live locally and cycle to work. We usually start with a green juice and a catch up on a human level. Then it’s work mode.. we set up for the day with endless to do lists. We talk with our manufacturers almost every day, call our partners both in the UK and oversees. ( we export to 9 countries worldwide ) Then I check what’s going on our social media sites and check on our collaborations and events with bloggers and stores. We just welcomed two interns in our team which I’m super excited about. We manage to sneak in some taste testing and new product development which is always nice. Fraser cracks on with sales mainly and managing that process. We both get together and work on new products which is always exciting.

What are your plans for Raw Gorilla in for the next year?
We have some exciting new top secret developments in the pipeline… (hush, hush) We are both foodies hence we love to create delicious & innovative foods.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Raw Gorillas ‘Maca Munchies’, be sure to order your Barrecore Primal Snack Box here.

If you’d like to know more about Raw Gorilla and keep up-to-date with their latest news, you can do so by visiting their website here and following them on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

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