Supplier Spotlight: Primal Bakers

Welcome to our favourite blog feature: ‘Supplier Spotlight’ where we’ll be interviewing the creative and hardworking individuals that create the delicious snacks that find their way into our boxes. In September’s boxes, we are delighted to be featuring a range of grain-free crackers by Gloucestershire-based company Primal Bakers

Founders of Primal Bakers, Rosa and Izzy, produce a range of grain-free baked goods, free from wheat, dairy and refined sugars. Their growing range of paleo products includes paleo bread loaves, savoury crackers and deliciously tempting cookies and cakes, too! We caught up with co-founder Izzy to find out what their inspiration was for launching the brand and to hear more about their exciting future plans for the company!

Tell us more about Primal Bakers and your range of paleo friendly baked goods!
It is two of us at Primal Bakers, Rosa and Izzy. Rosa has a family tradition of turron making (an almond based Spanish Christmas bar) where she learnt her great skills as a baker and a fine taste for good quality sweet products. Izzy is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor and has always taking very close attention to what goes into her mouth and of her family’s. We both ended up for different reasons following a Paleo/Primal diet and have reaped the benefits!

We have 14 products at the moment although we keep researching and trying new ideas. We have biscuits, cakes, breads and crackers.

How did it get started and what was the inspiration for launching the brand?
We both love to bake and have always done so at home. Following a Paleo/Primal diet took us to learn new ways of baking and we wanted to prove our friends that it is possible to create tasty baked goods with natural ingredients. They couldn’t believe it when they tried them! We got people round for coffee a few times and they encouraged us to sell them. One thing lead to the next and here we are today!

Who are Primal Bakers products designed for? 
We have a wide spectrum of people that have found in our products the solution for something they were missing. When it comes to people with gluten and dairy intolerances, they have finally found flavour and lovely texture that other products lack according to them. When it comes to Paleo/Primal followers, they have found they can still enjoy a nice treat that is according to their eating plans. When it comes to parents, they have found that they can improve their kid’s diet and of their own without feeling deprived.

What has the response been like since your launch and have their been any unexpected surprises?
We have been going from strength to strength to the point that sometimes it is hard to believe that those coffee mornings just not even a year ago has taken us to this! It is very exciting and scary at the same time but we are full of enthusiasm and have had a lot of fun along the way.

As a surprise we certainly thought there would be more interest from the fitness world. We believe natural ingredients, high protein and good fats would be of good use for regular exercises and possibly better than processed bars and shakes, but that is of course our opinion. They might change their mind in the future if they try them!

What sets Primal Bakers apart from other gluten free producers on the market?
We use almonds as the base all our products. Almonds are naturally gluten free and bring a whole range of nutrition benefits with them. They are naturally sweet which means only very small amounts of honey or maple syrup need to be added what overall brings a better nutrition profile to the bakes. Most gluten free products use highly processed flours that are bland and tasteless which means a lot of sugar and additives need to be added to make them palatable. Gluten free products are on the high but we thing gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Watch out for the list of ingredients!

If you could possibly pick, do you have a favourite product from you range?
Rosa and I have different tastes so I need to say two at least or it wouldn’t be fair. Rosa’s favourite is apple cake as a treat and the rosemary and chia crackers for a snack on the go. I love the banana bread for breakfast (tasty and ready to eat!) and the seeds crackers to go with my salads. I think I haven’t answered your question accurately enough but it is so difficult!

We love featuring your savoury crackers in our boxes! If our subscribers want to stock up on your products, where can they get their hands on some?
Thank you! The best thing would be to go to our website We have a few shops around our area that stock our products and some other websites will be offering them very soon too.

We hear that you’ll be exhibiting a stall at London’s paleo conference Health Unplugged this year. You must be hugely excited! What can attendees expect you to bring along?
Yes we are very excited to attend this conference both to get people to know our products but also to listen to the speakers that will attend. It will be a great opportunity to meet other paleo fellas as well as for them to try our bakes. We will be bringing our full range of cakes, breads, crackers and biscuits to sell and for people to try so they can decide which of they like the best!

What does a typical day look like at Primal Bakers HQ?
Our days don’t look very similar to one to another to be honest. We normally start baking very early in the morning so by midday bakes are cooling down and we can do some admin work (calls, emails, research, etc.). We then do some packing usually or domestic duties (school run, dog walk, amongst others). In the evening is usually more baking or packing. Because we do everything ourselves we have to divide our time between baking and running the company which makes it more fun!

What are your plans for Primal Bakers in for the next year?
We would like our on line shop to consolidate and attract a lot of paleo and non-paleo customers. We have a few big events booked already as well. This has been our first year so we have been trying different things and now that we know what we like and are good at we want to concentrate all our energies into it. We would like to be recognised all around the UK, as the leading paleo bakery is that too much to aim for? 😉

If you’d like to get your hands on a Primal Bakers’ savoury grain-free crackers, be sure to order your September Primal Snack Box soon. This month, both The Forest and The Savannah boxes feature a mini selection of paleo crackers, that are ideal topped with your favourite nut butter!

If you’d like to know more about Primal Bakers, you can do so by visiting their website here.

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