Supplier Spotlight: FitBites

As part of our recent re-launch, we’d like to introduce our brand-new blog feature: ‘Supplier Spotlight’. Here we’ll be interviewing the creative and hardworking individuals that create the delicious snacks that find their way into our boxes. In this month’s box, we are delighted to be featuring the delicious ‘Maca Mantra’ by Sussex-based company FitBites.

FitBites produce delicious handmade raw snacks made from dried fruits, nuts and seeds and infused with superfoods. FitBites use the highest quality ingredients to create their handmade snacks, all of which are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, refined sugars and sulphites. They are also 100% vegan friendly, too! Their current yoga-inspired range includes the ‘Spirulina Stretch’ ‘Acai Asana’ and the ‘Maca Mantra’, which is featured in our January boxes. We caught up with Emma, founder of FitBites, to find out more about her new and exciting range of healthy snacks.

Tell us more about FitBites!
FitBites are simply naturally fit foods! Our products are made from 100% organic, raw, natural ingredients with added superfoods to give you a burst of nutrient filled energy to get you through the day.

What was the inspiration for launching the brand?
We strongly believe that nutrition should be 100% natural which is why you won’t find any nasties in FitBites. All of the ingredients we use are chosen for their taste and nutritional value.

When you give the body the natural nutrients it needs to work efficiently and also provide it with powerful antioxidants that protect against damage, the body simply starts to work and function better, leading to increased energy levels, better sleep patterns and ultimately enhanced performance.

10% of our profits support active kid’s projects. The heart of our business is to make this the core of our business and this is our motivation. We hope that as our business grows, we can do much much more. We want to impact children’s understanding, behaviours, create opportunity for those that have none, and most importantly show them the enjoyment they can receive from all kinds of sporting activities.

What has the response been like since your launch?
The response has been just fantastic, particularly from gyms, yoga studios and wonderful healthy food box suppliers such as the Primal Snack Box!

Who will enjoy FitBites?
FitBites can be enjoyed by anyone that loves healthy, natural food. FitBites are particularly being enjoyed by Yogis, Vegans, Cavemen, Cave Women, and Fitness Fanatics.

You’ve got some delicious flavours as part of your range – tell us more about the selection process.
Ahhh well this is the fun part, lots of experimenting! We also like to take samples to local gyms and yoga studios as we receive great feedback and suggestions from people who just love food and fitness.

If you could possibly pick, do you have a favourite?
My favourite would be the Spirulina Stretch as I love the combination of apricots, almond, coconut. And of course the Spirulina. Some might consider Spirulina a marmite product, but for those that love it and know the health benefits, they can’t get enough!

What are your plans for FitBites in 2015?
2015 is already looking incredibly exciting for FitBites as we will soon be launching five new products so watch this space!

10% of the profit from FitBites is used to support projects that encourage children to become more active. We would love to hear from people that are working on projects that might need our support.

If you’d like to get your hands on a FitBites, be sure to order your January Primal Snack Box soon. This month, both The Forest and The Savannah boxes feature the delicious ‘Maca Mantra’, lovingly made from medjool dates, raisins, almonds, coconut and maca powder. Order your box by Thursday 29th January by 5pm at the latest to guarantee your box.

If you’d like to know more about FitBites, you can do so by visiting their website here.

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