July 20, 2015 Primal Snack Box

Welcome to our favourite blog feature: ‘Supplier Spotlight’ where we’ll be interviewing the creative and hardworking individuals that create the delicious snacks that find their way into our boxes. In July’s Savannah box, we are delighted to be featuring the fantastic ‘Original Biltong’ by Buckinghamshire-based company Caveman Kitchen.

Caveman Kitchen produce delicious biltong made from the highest quality grass-fed British and Irish beef. The beef is seasoned with natural herbs and spices (with no added nasties) and is slow cured, resulting in a tasty, low-carb and protein-rich snack ideal for the health conscious snacker.

Tell us more about Caveman Kitchen and your range of biltong.
Caveman Kitchen’s ethos is clean and simple – we believe in eating clean and playing hard. Created as work of love by myself and my wife Renata, with us both being ‘full-life’ enthusiasts ourselves, we wanted to make use of the wide-ranging research available to follow what we believe to be the most beneficial diet and for us that is the Paleo way of eating. Doing this has had an amazing effect on our family life, helping us to work hard and play hard, all with a satisfied stomach.

All of our Biltong products are super high in protein and because the meat is slow cured and not cooked, the natural enzymes stay intact, allowing your body to easily digest the high quality protein. What’s more, it’s extremely low in carbohydrates and contains only 4 to 6 grams of fat per 100 grams. Ultimately, Caveman Kitchen is not about skimping, it’s about enhancing our daily food experience without extra hassle; we offer a weekly or monthly subscription service to make it super convenient for people to enjoy. We want our Caveman Kitchen Biltong to be a go-to snack food for everyone.

How did it get started and what was the inspiration for launching the brand?
Caveman Kitchen is pretty much a work of love. Ever since Renata and I met we have always shared a great enthusiasm for good exercise and lifestyle practices that make us feel like we’re working at optimum capacity. With Renata hailing from Sao Paulo she’s always been interested in a fun balance of healthy eating and exercise – and preferably sun! I guess you could say I’m an outdoors type with a big love of playing and teaching sport and going on major research missions to learn more about food, lifestyle, bio-hacking.

A couple of Christmases ago, Renata bought me my very own Biltong box, I started experimenting with curing the meats and posting It on Facebook; first, all our friends started making enquiries and soon after we started to receive requests from people all over! That’s when things got exciting and we decided to turn our hobby into a collaborative business adventure. Since then, the demand just seemed to keep on growing.


Who are Caveman Kitchen products designed for?
These products can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone – but in particular they’re great for Paleo aficionados, exercise-conscious people- sportsmen and women, foodies and purveyors of high quality –easy to access clean, grass-fed meat that gives bang for its buck that is sugar-free and (chemical) preservative free in the curing process.

What has the response been like since your launch and have their been any unexpected surprises?
It really has been a journey, and of course by no means easy. Working together can be tough with two strong minds but we find a way through and find that our joint experience really lends itself to the project. Highlights include getting our biltong produced to our exacting standards (that’s seen us certified by the Paleo Foundation in the USA) to dealing with the manufacturing & shipping of our Spiraliser to the UK and the USA (where we mostly sell this product via the Amazon platform).

We’ve had to be creative and resilient in equal measure to not give up when met with a variety of challenges. But the buzz we get when a new customer like a CrossFit Box signs up to sell our biltong or like at the moment where we’re settling a wholesale agreement to see our Spiraliser distributed in Ireland, it really makes all the hard work worthwhile.

What sets Caveman Kitchen apart from other biltong products on the market?
Well, it’s the real deal and has been certified by the Paleo Foundation in the US. We also wanted to make it easy for our customers so we set up easy, fuss-free rolling pay options of either weekly or monthly subscriptions with no contract so you can stop it at any time, the best thing about it is its delivered straight to your door to avoid that ‘ah, we’ve got no food in!’ panic we all know too well –especially tricky when the mainstream supermarkets simply are lacking when it comes to paleo-friendly food.

We’re really driven now that we’ve got a growing tribe of our own – an 18-month old and the next on the way. We want them to be chowing on real food i.e. something that is readily identifiable and that is clean and good for them. It’s so sad to see the burgeoning obesity epidemic in the Western World – all through misinformation and frankly, laziness. If we can get our little boy eating dried meat (along with eating avocados and other such healthy “fats” and veggies) then we feel obliged to try and educate others to do the same. What greater legacy could we want??!

You’ve also created your own vegetable spiraliser – can you tell us more about your inspiration to launch that?
We recognise that food tastes as good as it looks and are always on the lookout for alternative ways of presenting and preparing foods. It’s about making healthy food quickly and easily and with all the creative flair of a Michelin star kitchen. As Paleo eaters we avoid pasta but let’s face it, what quicker meal (especially on a week night) can you knock up? So we came across the idea of vegetable noodles and cutters that produce them from courgettes, sweet potatoes and other such firm veggies. Most cutters out there don’t give our food the treatment it deserves. Vegetables usually don’t fit in properly or can’t be cut at all, the devices are awkward & painful to use and make a colossal mess. We like our fresh vegetables cut with just as much precision as possible so we created the Caveman Kitchen Spiral Vegetable Cutter. Like most cavemen, we love a good tool and this invention has made our cooking life so much better!

What’s your favourite way to use your spiraliser and do you have any signature dishes?
It’s perfect for use in salads, stir-fry’s, decoration, and Pasta Dishes. We’re loving the biltong beef stir-fry at the moment but we have fun coming up with new dishes every day- treating our food like a ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’ challenge! We shop seasonally and make a lot of use of good quality fresh vegetables so each day is different. When the weather’s hot (which it is at the time of writing) a quick and easy stir-fry of prawns, chilli, garlic and courgette noodles is freakin’ awesome!


We love featuring your biltong in our boxes! If our subscribers want to stock up on your biltong, where can they get their hands on some?
Thank you so much! Its really exciting to be getting our products out there so others can enjoy a good diet and most importantly to feel great about it. If you’d like to subscribe head to our website. What’s more, we have a recommend a friend offer- if your friend signs up too, you can enjoy a free one-week supply of Biltong and a measure of our gratitude. And because you guys are so awesome at Primal Snack Box, if your readers mention Primal20 when they subscribe we’ll take 20% off their first order.

What does a typical day look like at Caveman Kitchen HQ?
A-ha! Well with a little one under two and between us, two very active lifestyles we tend to pack a lot into a day. We both rise early, I’ll tend to start the day with CrossFit whilst Renata enjoys running. If possible, we’ll both try and get some forward planning in before our little boy wakes up. Food-wise we like to exercise the “Thirty within thirty” rule i.e. 30g of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. For me this’ll be a bullet-proof coffee or bacon, eggs and avo or sauerkraut and for Renata a protein-rich smoothie. On days when there’s more time it’ll be a family affair – eggs, bacon, avocado or paleo pancakes and berries or scrambled eggs on flax seed bread with smoked salmon. From there we’re set up for the day and assign each other roles depending on the time we have, we make sure our clients’ orders are on track, new subscribers are on board and that our social media platforms are all primed ready with interesting stuff for our followers.

What are your plans for Caveman Kitchen in 2015?
Caveman Kitchen 2015 is all about growing our subscribers and stockists, making sure they are super happy with what they’re getting, keeping up with research and simply staying on the quest of whole-health food.

I’d just like to say a big thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our excitement about our paleo-friendly products. All the best, Caveman Kitchen


If you’d like to try Michael and Renata’s delicious biltong, be sure to order to order your July Savannah box soon, which includes a snack pack of their ‘Original Biltong’! Alternatively, why not stock up over at the Caveman Kitchen website and receive 20% off your first order using the exclusive discount code: PRIMAL20


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