The Savannah


The Savannah is designed to offer a variety of both high-protein dried meat products alongside a wholesome combination of other nutritious snacks. Each box will contain a variety of 7 – 10 items including biltong and jerky, raw energy bars, nut and seed mixes, dried fruit as well as a paleo chocolate treat! All our products are handpicked and carefully selected to ensure a varied selection of delicious snacks that change every month.

£21.99 (incl.p&p) for a One-Off or Gift purchase or £19.99 (incl.p&p) for a subscription

Not keen on meat products? Why not try our vegan-friendly The Forest instead?


Fennel & Herb Jerky by Big T’s
Lemon Pie Bar by Purple Balance
Pure Coconut Water by Cocofina
Tigernut Mix by Primal Snack Box
Chilli Biltong by Stript
Golden Berries by Clearly Scrumptious
Green Supreme Balls by RAW Health
Cacao & Almond Bar by Wild Thing
Raw Tomato Crackits by Inspiral
Plush Peppermint by IQ Choc