For the Primal Snack Box team, without fail the morning ritual always starts with cup of cleansing and comforting herbal tea. Recently, we were introduced to an incredible range of teas by British company Vintage Tea UK that have since become a favourite of ours. Using the highest quality ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial, Vintage Tea UK have created a range of wellness-inspired teas so good, we had to put them in our August box! With names like ‘Zazzleberry’, ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Lazybird’, Vintage Tea UK have a fun approach to their range with absolutely no compromise on quality.  

Not only do they create the most wonderful herbal blends, but Vintage Tea UK are also represented by a fantastic group of strong, healthy female Brand Ambassadors. We were fortunate to catch up with brand ambassador regional CrossFit athlete Laura Faulkner to find out how her diet enables her to achieve peak performance.

At Primal Snack Box, we absolutely love breakfast and more often than not, it’s the meal we most look forward to! How do you usually start the day?
I start my day with a pancake. 2 eggs, one banana and a small cup of oats. Topped with honey, seeds and blueberries. Its a good part of the day 🙂

How important are your diet choices when it comes to your training?
Diet choices are so important to your training. What you put into your body determines the way it responds in your training. Making good foods and natural ingredients be the basis of your diet gives you the best chance to make your training better. Also do not be a afraid of carbs like so many people are. I have increased the amount of carbs in my diet and have seen an increase in strength massively. Just because you eat a flapjack does not mean you won’t have abs!

In the run-up to a competition, what do you eat to ensure you achieve peak performance?
In run up to a competition my diet will stay a close to normal as possible. If you can try and keep things as close to your normal foods as possible. In CrossFit there really is not a need to ‘carb load’ like their is running a marathon. We train day in and day out so our body is used to the volume/workouts we do. Sure a marathon runner also trains regularly but they do not run a marathon every day, where as we do lift and do workouts everyday so our body is accustomed to this. I think most importantly it is keeping your body fuelled during competition as you may be exercising at a more intense pace and more regularly than a normal day.

What’s your favourite post-WOD meal?
My favourite Post wod meal would probably be a burger. Paleo Now do great turkey burgers! And then followed by cheesecake… any kind not at fussy when it comes to cheesecake!

Like all of the products we choose for our boxes, Vintage Teas are made from high quality, natural ingredients and free from any nasties. How important is that to you?
Following on from an earlier question it is important to monitor what you are putting into your body. Our bodies do and go through a lot for us and I think its important to respect them and look after what you have got!

If you could possibly pick, what is your favourite tea from the Vintage Tea range?
I like Love Buzz! And also just the standard Green Teas.

What would you say the benefits were of incorporating tea into your diet?
It provides your body with goodness from the natural ingredients, helps to recover and ultimately who doesn’t love a tea!

What do you do to help you unwind after a hard training session?
On a weekend I love nothing more than an afternoon nap after training. Cannot beat it.

If you’d like to get your hands on Laura’s favourite rose and coconut-infused Love Buzz tea, or perhaps you’d like sample the full Vintage Teas collection, you can stock up via their website here. You can also read more about Laura on the Vintage Teas ‘Brand Ambassador’ page here.

Primal Snack Box followers also get an exclusive 10% off your first order by applying the code TEA at the checkout.

Photo Credit: Pete Williamson Photography

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