Please consider the following terms & conditions before applying:

The Primal Snack Box affiliate programme is available to UK residents only.

The commission is 10% for purchases made referred by you and the cookie duration is 30 days.

All payments will be made on the 1st of the month or the first monday of the month. All payments will be made to a PayPal account so please enter your PayPal email address as your ‘Payment Email’.

You are not permitted to bid for ‘Primal Snack Box’ or any misspelling of ‘Primal Snack Box’

Please do not link directly to our website ( or use an URL redirect to take the customer directly to our site from a PPC advert.

Please do not bid on any keyword phrase containing the keywords ‘Primal Snack Box’ or any misspelling of our domain name

You must not distribute/share discount codes and use these to promote sales.

You may not apply if you are a producer of any of the goods that we sell.

You cannot refer yourself and receive commission for own purchases.

At Primal Snack Box, we take the above guidelines very seriously and reserve the right to deny commission for the month that an affiliate has not adhered to the above guidelines.

Those who continue to not comply with the terms and conditions will be banned from participating in our programme and will not be accepted in future applications. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend your account at our discretion.

If you would like further clarification on any of the points mentioned above please email us at