The Forest


The Forest caters for vegans and vegetarians, as well as those who simply would prefer not to have dried meat snacks. Each box will contain a variety of 7 – 10 items including a combination of raw energy bars, nut and seed mixes, dried fruit as well as a paleo chocolate treat! All our products are handpicked and carefully selected to ensure a varied selection of delicious snacks that change every month.

£19.99 (incl.p&p) for a One-Off or Gift purchase or £17.99 (incl.p&p) for a subscription


Chocolate Almonds by Raw Ecstasy
Apple & Pecan Bar by The Primal Pantry
Pure Coconut Water by Cocofina
Tigernut Mix by Primal Snack Box
Seaweed Thins by Itsu
Magnificent Mango by Urban Fruit
Green Supreme Balls by RAW Health
Cacao & Almond Bar by Wild Thing
Raw Tomato Crackits by Inspiral
Plush Peppermint by IQ Choc